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Thread: Win2K to XP

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    Win2K to XP

    I have been trying to network my father's desktop and laptop together. Both came with NICs install;ed, and both are set up with the latest driver's. It is supposed to autodetect the other computer, but it does not, so I have installed several protocols to help the network, all to no avail.

    The problem, I believe, is with the Win2K machine. It insists that the network cable is unplugged, no matter waht. It is, of course, hooked up and plugged in. I've run diagnostics, new drivers and the such. It makes no difference.

    I've disabled, re-enabled, repaired and set up in connections, rebooting all along the way, in different combinations, but it makes no difference. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help here, I appreciate it!

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    I would try one of two things, first try another cable. if that doesnt work try another NIC, I am not sure if this is the laptop or desktop having the problem but they sell both as I am sure you are aware. then try getting both on the internet seperatly see if that works (through the NIC of course). Let me know
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    We've tried three different cables so far...:-( I'll be sure to go ahead and try another NIC though.

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    Are you using a hub/switch or connecting directly both computers with that cable?

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    Connecting them directly with a Cat e5 cable, which should, so says my research online, negatge the need for a hub or switch. If all else fails, though..

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    If you are connecting two computers together directly (without a hub, switch, etc.), you need to use a crossover cat5 cable, instead of just a standard network cable. If you are using a regular cable, this could be causing your network problems.
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    Yup, that was gonna be my follow-up... bshver got it right...

    Actually, this will cause *exactly* the problem you are describing.
    Just go to the place where you baught the cable(s) and ask them for a crossover cable (still rj-r5 cat5(e) but crossover).

    In case you're wondering, the diffrence in a crossover cable is in the way the conductor pairs are ordered in the connectors:
    In a normal ("straight") cable, you get the same pair order at both ends
    In a crossover, pairs 1-2 and 3-6 are reversed at both ends.

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