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    Exclamation Linux partition gone. boot loader prob

    hi. i had a dual boot sys with red hat 8.0 and win xp.

    i deleted the linux partition and now i get a boot loader error from linux. what do i have to do so i can boot windows normally. is there a file i can easliy edit. i need this answer in a hurry and it cant be like re-format the hdd cause this needs to be done ASAP. thanks for your help in advance
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    If you're using win9x then boot off a floppy and type fdisk /mbr. If you use win2k/xp, boot off the cd and go into the recovery console. Once at the prompt type "fixboot" and "fixmbr" in that order without the quotes.
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    Can't you reset your LILO somewhere, so that he will reboot and aout goes to xp ?


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    Just to heave some advice, Do not think formatting the drive would fix the problem.... (it'll still be there.... unless you low-level)

    Do what is mentioned above, or look at my tutorial: link

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