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Thread: who has the best nick?

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    who has the best nick?

    So, now that we know what many members nick's mean, why don't we do a survey on who has the best nick (best meaning creative, original, etc.)

    I would have to say my vote would have to go to:

    Conf1rm3d_K1ll - (Just looks damn cool)

    EDIT: Perhaps I should have stated earlier...you can't vote for your own Nick!!

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    ...check out my thexy handle...*drools*....ooooh yeah you love it dontcha....oooooohhhh.

    hrm. [WebCarnage]. How much r33t3r can you get? :P
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    i dunno, id still have to vote for er0k... cause it looks like a house

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    What a question.....mine offcourse

    Dont you agree....you dont????? uhm "clickety click"
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    I would go for .: Shrekkie :. , All-in-one, Nasty, friendly,....and green. Huh ??!

    Well, Dark Raider is a nice one too...

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    Some are downright funny, others are just plain 1337. saw a few fair ones listed on the home page the other day.. unfortunatly they were in the recently banned list..
    how about some of the sig's.. now some of those are brilliant..

    The mistakes of the past, are the advantages of the future !

    Greetz, .: Shrekkie :.
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    Well Und3tak3r,

    I think the next Sig is hilarious....

    Talkin'about filosphical....

    Confuzios says "Man with itchy butt has smelly fingers"

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    What about blackmask ?


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    I'd have to go with Negative or SodaMoca5. Mabey GreekGoddess
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    I'd have to say JP has the best nick. JK. His is up there though. IDK.....MicroBurn maybe?
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