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Thread: Hacking hotmail!(humor)

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    Hacking hotmail!(humor)

    "How do i hack hotmail/yahoo...."this is a question that most s/kiddies and newboez ask and
    we all hate to answer it.
    while surfing one of those humor sites i found this prank:
    Send this Prank to a friend, and they'll get a chance to hack someone's password (at least they think they will) after they try to hack a password,they will be informed that it was an undercover project by a Cyber enforcement agency to crack down on illegal internet hacking. The next thing they know their name and their house address will be on the News. (fake Cnn site).read more
    or just give this link to those skiddies:

    it is damn cool

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    Make it a sticky one, with the title, 'S/kiddies, Hack Hotmail with this !!!'

    LOL, think they won't get back....

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    LOL, that is a very cool site. Really funny. Thanx for givin me a good mood today
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