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Thread: Problem with RH 8

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    Problem with RH 8

    I installed RH 8 on my computer yesterday. Everything worked fine. But today, when I started it again, my mouse and keyboard are not working in it (although they work fine under Windows & DOS). This must be a problem with the Linux GUI... what to do?

    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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    Ok, first thing to try is,

    shutdown, then power on again, when you get to the OS selection screen(GRUB, you did choose GRUB as your boot loader right?) make sure that the linux system is selected, then hit "e" to edit. In the next screen highlight the second line which reads something like

    kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.18-14 ro root=LABEL=/ hdc=ide-scsi
    Hit "e" again to edit this line

    At the end of that line(don't delete anything) add a space and then "linux 3"

    Hit return, and then hit "b"

    That will boot your machine into run level 3, which is the same as run level 5, but minus the x window system.

    Once in runlevel 3, log in as root, then run

    and maybe you want to run
    redhat-config-xfree86(reset your video settings as well).

    This should redo the setup of your keyboard and mouse, etc. Reboot and let it come up normally, see if the keyboard /mouse work.

    If not, repeat the steps to boot into run level 3, and run


    That is a bit more dificult to use, but, it may work if you do not have the redhat-config commands installed for some reason.

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    thx... i will try it out... hope that it works
    Hi! I am new to these forums.......

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