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Thread: IE Link Help

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    IE Link Help

    I dont know why & its never happened before but when i click on ANY link from ANY website it loads a new IE window up as normal, but then "nothing". The window apears but nothing actually loads up in it, the only way around it is to copy the link shortcut and paste it into the address bar in the appeared IE window.
    But sometimes this isnt possible, and i cant read my uni emails which use an online microsoft outlook, can any1 remedy this problem??

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    I had a similar issue before and by selecting IE in the list on add/remove programs, then selecting remove, you get presented with 3 options, one of which is to repair. Select this then proceed with the wizard which should upon rebooting resolve this issue.

    It worked for me!


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    Internet explorer isnt in add/remove programs. I have windows XP if that helps??

    Internet Explorer is in add/remove windows components, but doesnt fix it, and as for removing it and putting it back on, the description says : "Adds or removes access to Internet Explorer from the Start Menu and desktop"
    Which just deletes the shortcuts - this is really bugging me- PLEASE HELP !!!

    Ive fixed it now - thanks 4 ur help.

    Because i couldnt fix the problem, i downloaded the update from microsoft.com (although i already had it installed i thought it might fix the problem) - now its all fine :0)

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