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Thread: ntfs dos

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    ntfs dos

    What should be done in order to prevent someone from booting into ntfs dos in win 2k advanced server?


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    If you mean to stop people from putting a boot disk into the pc and then running dos from that with a program to access ntfs drives, Then I suggest that you enter the bios at start up and set it not to boot from the floppy drive, then place a password on the bios to prevent changes. You will also need to make sure the pc itself is secure because people can access the bios by taking the case off and removing the clock battery or changing a jumper setting.
    Other than removing the floppy drive thats all I can think of
    Let us know how you get on.

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    Remove the floppy drive (or use a floppy lock).
    Place the box in a locked room where only authorized people have access.
    Offcourse the BIOS password as mentioned.

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    A simple lock on the box cover can asure people don't open the box to alter it.
    Many A brand (and others) come with lock facilities to prevent theft and pc cover removal.
    So, disable floppy boot (and cd boot, cause you can make a bootable cd with the image of a ntfs boot disk!) and secure your box both the bios by setting a password and the cover with a lock.

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