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Thread: IIS 5 FTP vulnerability help

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    Question IIS 5 FTP vulnerability help

    in an iis5 the only vulnerability Shadow Port scanner pointed was the following:
    FTP Servers: FTP Bruteforce
    Port: 21
    Description FTP Server vurnerabled bruteforce operations.
    Risk Level: Medium
    How To Fix: Update FTP Server or set Limit for USER/PASS if FTP Server supported this option or install other FTP Server.
    Banner 220 Game_Srv Microsoft FTP Service (Version 5.0).
    can anyone direct me to a proper exploit/tool (- i am not looking for DOS resault, i need access to a file)?

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    Do I get this right? You want us to write an exploit for you to access a file on a server you don't own? You expect to get that just by asking it here in public with njo effort at all from your side? Next your question reveals a malicious intent... it's not only illegal it's also not the right spirit.

    If I misunderstood, and you want a fix for the problem (then first sorry), you need to restrict the ammount of password guessing before an account gets locked. e.g. reduce the number of possible password trails per user.

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    lolal, i think you have the wrong perception of this site, i can tell you right now that none is going to give you any help on this matter, and if you dont know how to do it then that means your not going to learn anytime soon and by the time you do learn you intrest in the matter will have long faded.but if you insist on asking this question id say what victor was implying, you have to do the research and then ask specific question to people you "trust" in private.
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