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    Question HD Share

    [why im asking ]
    Hey people,
    Im about fourteen and very interested in computers, programming, security etc., but dont know much about that At my highschool we all have our own laptops running win2k with a school-wide wireless network and im enjoying it but ive run into an annoyance. Several of my classmates attained the network administrator pass and are using it to go through the network and access other peoples computers. Our hardrives are all shared on the network (C$, D$, you get the point). Previously they had needed a password now they have one.
    [what im asking ]
    You can unshare them temporarily through folder properties, and c:\>net share but when you reboot they are all shared again. I know it has something to do with how the network is set but have no idea how to unshare them and keep the problem fixed!


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    in order to fix the prob permently you have to have admin privledge's, id say if you dont wanna snitch then just bare with it, cause with them having admin privledes and you only having a limited account theres not much you can do, but dont join in with them either, cause they will get caught eventually and you dont wanna go down with them.take it easy.
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    If the box you are on belongs to the admin go ask him to unshare your personal stuff.
    If you are the one administrating the box then you should remove 'file and printer sharing' from the network settings. (NOTE remove/uninstall completly)
    Next open the Microsoft Management Console and add the Services plug in.
    Set the server and the messenger service to either manual or disabled (in the properties).
    Reboot your box and you should be a lot saver.

    Maybe it is smarter to install outpost firewall and disable netbios.

    Once again, if it is not your box go ask the admin before applying changes.

    Hope this will help.

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    right mouse button click on the drive in question in the "My Computer" section and go to the sharing tab, and click, "Do not share this drive". you shouldn't have to reboot.

    alternatively right click on your network places and then rmb on the the network adapter and uncheck the file and print sharing option.

    if you don't have the rights you could always get the admin password off classmates to do this, but that is wrong, you have to rat them out. if they were older than 14 they could get in alot of trouble for this kind of tinkering.
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    How to remove administrative shares in Windows 2000 (if you have permission to do this...)

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    your best bet would be to alert the principal or someone of higher authority that you think your privacy is being compromised by other students who you believe have an admin password. Then you might also want to talk to someone about setting permissions on your share drives or shared folders so that only your login name can access the information. That includes excluding the admin on the account. Now this is just a step and the kids that are playing around if they got the new pwd all they would have to do is take control of your folder to get what they need but its a step in the right direction. you may also consider installing some form of encryption software so you can pwd protect your files. you can find what I believe to be a free program here

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