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    War Sims

    U.S. commanders rehearse with war sim
    By Joseph L. Galloway
    Mercury News Washington Bureau

    WASHINGTON - America's top battle commanders and their staffs are fighting an intense, high-tech simulated war against Iraq at Grafenwoehr, Germany, another key signal that actual war is rapidly approaching.

    The highly classified exercise, dubbed "Victory Scrimmage," began on Tuesday and will run for a week. More than 3,000 personnel are participating in the computer-driven command post exercise deep within the United States' largest military reservation in Europe.

    The war game's designers, both in Germany and at their computers in Kansas, create highly realistic models of both the terrain and the enemy in Iraq and permit the American commanders and their staff to engage the enemy in real time.

    The sophisticated program is filled with all the variables and surprises that the designers can concoct to make it as hard and as tricky as real combat. They can turn the weather bad in a heartbeat, and shut down a commander's air support. They can and do cause the communications links to go dead at critical moments. They track every order a commander gives, and also count and report the casualties that result from those decisions.

    The exercise is halted at key points for a self-criticism by the key commander, who stands before everyone and admits and assesses his mistakes. The commander of the simulated opposition force then follows to add his own assessment and accounting of the commander's errors, and he often finds more than a few mistakes the general overlooked.

    Such exercises were run for every division that fought in the last Persian Gulf War, as well as higher headquarters. Those who have participated in or witnessed these exercises believe that the Army's Battle Command Training Program, headquartered at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., is a critical factor in giving American commanders a big edge when it comes time to go to war.

    The chief war-fighting command being tested in Victory Scrimmage is the U.S. Army's V Corps under Lt. Gen. William S. Wallace. Military officials have told Knight Ridder that if the United States goes to war against Iraq, Wallace's V Corps will have overall command of the heavy tank divisions that carry the fight to Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard tank divisions inside Iraq.

    A Defense Department spokesman, Maj. Tim Blair, said that the exercise is intended to "challenge the V Corps war fighting team. It will improve key leader and staff actions and prepare them for future combat operations."

    The commanders and battle staff members of every Army division already deployed to the Persian Gulf or on alert to go are being tested in Victory Scrimmage. Also participating are commanders from U.S. Central Command, which will have overall command of all forces in the Gulf, as well as the Marines' huge 1st Marine Expeditionary Force and the Air Force.

    A spokesman for V Corps headquarters confirmed that the "geographical footprint" for the exercise is Southwest Asia, the region including Iraq. He said Gen. Wallace was the exercise director and he is trying to replicate the environment in which operations would take place. He added that Victory Scrimmage was "on time and on target."

    The spokesman at Grafenwoehr said Wallace and the corps staff were operating from a mobile command post, and the various division commanders and staff were operating from their own tactical operations centers scattered around the post.

    A team of retired American generals, some of them two- and three-war veterans, monitor the exercises and serve as mentors. Some of the observers include Gen. Ed Burba, Gen. William Crouch, Gen. Fred Franks, Gen. John Hendrix, Gen. Tom Schwartz and Gen. Jim Lindsay.

    Although the Department of Defense spokesman said details of the exercise were classified, it is known that Victory Scrimmage will give not only the American generals but the war plan itself a final test.

    Battle Command Training began developing the first computer-based battle simulation system in 1983, and the system was fielded in 1987. Regular Army corps and division commanders and staff are tested regularly in BCTP exercises, as are National Guard divisions.

    I just thought id post this cause it greatly interested me. The thought that their high tech computer games can help train soliders to react better in real war is just hella cool. I wouldnt mind having a go in the game either


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    - where can we download or purchase this game?
    - obviously it is multiplayer. how many can play over LAN or the internet at the same time?
    - think they have a linux port for it?
    - any one have the crack for it?

    jokes aside, this sounds quite scary that they would have a week-long exercise on it with all the tensions in the middle east (mainly in saddam's corner) right now.

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    But i hear the US generals have the "kill all enemies" cheat codes, and that they have concluded that they can win the war just by typing "killthatiraqib***tard" onto the console.

    However, British commanders have noted that there is a danger of losing troops to ping timeouts.

    --------------------- edit ---------------

    Warning to US, and UK generals

    An IP address assigned to the Iraqi military has been seen downloading the "wallhack" cheat for the computer game "Gulf war 2" from a warez server.

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    Did any one ever see "War Games", LOL (i feel old)...
    In director John Badham's WARGAMES, Matthew Broderick stars as David Lightman, a young hacker who accidentally logs on to the Department of Defense's network. Thinking that he's found a cool new computer game manufacturer, David plays checkers, chess, and other more intriguing games like Global Thermonuclear War. Realizing that their system has been tampered with, military operatives arrest him. However, the computer continues to play the "game" of thermonuclear warfare without David and generates the very real threat of World War III. In an attempt to prevent global disaster, David and his girlfriend, Jennifer (Ally Sheedy), search desperately for the scientist who designed the system before the goverment computer initates a full-scale nuclear war.

    A landmark of 1980s cinema, WARGAMES was keenly tuned into its time. Computers remained a relative mystery in the early 1980s, as they were used primarily by large corporations and government agencies, but not by many individuals at home. The general public had already been warned of the danger of computer takeover in 1968 with 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and this paranoia grew as computers became more popular. The threat of communist takeover and nuclear war loomed large in the collective consciousness, before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the cold war. Video games had become highly popular, however, and for a generation of Pac-Man and Space Invaders players WARGAMES combined the country's deepest fears with its biggest fantasies. Badham's suspenseful film brings those fears to light in an exciting, fast-paced film with a great cast (Broderick, Sheedy, John Wood, Barry Corbin, Dabney Coleman) and excellent special effects.
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Ya i musta have seen it 30 times since i was younger on tv and such
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