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    Cyber Snitchs! *Cool Site*

    I found this interesting site and i figured some of you may like to read over it... Its known as "The World's Most Advanced High Tech Crime Reporting System".

    the website is

    If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention ** dial 911 immediately! **

    This system places you DIRECTLY in touch with law enforcement all around the world.

    When you make a report, it is IMMEDIATELY sent to an extensive network of law enforcement officers dedicated to combatting cyber crime. Your report is placed in the hands of hundreds of law enforcement officials as quickly as the Internet can carry it.. most often within seconds after you press SUBMIT!

    Also understand, by reporting and using this system, (you) the reporter may be discharged from any criminal activity that may help law enforcement catch high tech criminals and Internet perpetrators.

    All information you provide about yourself will not be traced or given out to anyone. It remains confidential to our network of law enforcement officials only.

    They have multiple things they ask you to report such as..
    Bank Fraud
    Child Porn
    CC Fraud
    Desktop Forgery
    Drug Dealing
    Hacker Intrustions
    Illegal Pirating
    Illegal Spamming
    Internet Service Threat
    Missing Persons
    Obscene Emails
    Online Monetary Theft
    Online Scamming
    Password Theft
    Stalking (Electronicly)
    Terrorism (or leading to)
    Violent Websites

    They take the information about violations in different matters very wide broad such as AOL/AIM/MSN/IRC/FTP/EBAY/EMAIL ect ect

    This of course could be helpfull to us all !


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    Kewl site buit 911 would be still more efficient
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    not many people would feel that dialing 911 to report child porn sites would be very... "smart" this site gives you a place to report things that arent emergencys but are still needed to be reported. See the uses?

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    That site is too Orwellian for my taste. Then again...I don't care much for cookies either....

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