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    StarWars Vrs Puppet Dog


    probably one of the funiest things to come from a sock puppet dog on a late night show

    ;x i know theres a lot of compitition and all but hell

    Many dial up users wont want to download this cause of its extreme size but i promise its well worth it; 10:29 mins of starwars works getting busted on by a sock puppet.

    rating form 1 to 10 is most definitly a 10+!

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    While I am an admitted and unrepentant nerd (fortunately married so most of the comments were not applicable) I laughed a lot at this. It was very funny and I am glad that most of the people who were the brunt of the joke took it so well.

    Very funny thank you for the break.

    I especially appreciated Mr. Spock's cameo
    \"We are pressing through the sphincter of assholiness\"

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