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Thread: Where do you work/What Do you do?

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    Where do you work/What Do you do?

    Hey Hey.

    As i've prolly said before.. I'm taking Computer Systems Technology at college which is basically preparing us for Network Admin/ Security Admin. I'm just looking for some feed back. Everyone in my program seems to think they'll end up working for hosting companies or ISPs and I want them to realize that basically every field has networking people in it. I was wondering where some of you work and what you do in your job. Basically I'm trying to put together a report on the subject to demonstrate to them that the possibilities are really endless.


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    Well, I just graduated from a two year college and going into a four year on MIS. I wonder if I will be able to find the job I like, even though I'm very close, but not on pay. I'm a network monkey at school and I get small to medium size contracts to install or upgrade networks. I also do the typical PC repair, to make some cash on the side.

    I think I'm actually doing pretty good since I'm an international student and besides learning stuff on computers I had to learn the language (english) and about the culture, everything in about 2.5 years.

    Let us see what you guys do!.

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    Well, I work @ an elementary school, with over 300 computers on the network and two servers. when I started there, there were only a few computers on the network. It took 1 year and two new servers, but now the networks great. The pay's great, all the computer toys I want, and I get the summer off.

    -- and on top of it all...I was hired straight out of high school, and they're paying for me to get my certs...cant' beat a government job.
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    hehe, you guys are gonna luv this. i used to run a computer store in arkansas, but it got shut down, now i work at a wastewater treatment plant. i guess you could say it is a shitty job, but it pays good and the plant is run all by computers and PLCs.

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    lucked out

    I work for a small bank. I do all kinds of stuff.

    Some of my duties include, but there are many more... too many to list. : Manage user/computer accounts, backups, installs, helpdesk, upgades, configs of new PCs, installing patches, manage the phone system, e-mail, yada yada yada. There are a couple of us that do everything. I don't get to do security that much though. Only some internal stuff and following procedure/policy.

    My number 1 job function: Anything my bosses tell me to, or I think of, or a user(s) need.

    I'm kind of on a work study job. I get to do and learn everything while my bosses mentor me and make sure everything gets done. The pay isn't great, but i'm doing it for experience and my love* for computers. I'm still in school too.

    I think that with tons of experience and lots of eduction and certs... I can prolly do pretty well after I'm seasoned.

    The best part... I got the job by asking for a position in the mail room. (long story)
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    I currently work as a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor, doing software development for government projects/contracts. I will be finishing up my BS in Computer Science this December and continuing on my job with this contractor. Since they have paid for all my security clearances, I will have a lot of freedom to work where ever I want.

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    This is great stuff everyone..Thanks to everyone who's posted and to the rest of ya....
    keep em coming!

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    I'm a belgian who works in The Netherlands, just across the border.
    I install, maintain and manage fiber optic equipment along with my colleague in three regional optical networks, so we've a lot of contact with ISP's, Data and Internet clients

    This is a very interesting job, lots on the road, our bosses work in the headquarters
    300 km north, so we're pretty free in our job.

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    MMMMmmm well,

    I'm working for a engineering buro. We provided engineering for telecom operators and also registration of all underground cable network. Currently i'm detached to a firm that mantains/expand and manage fiber optics.

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    Well i do helpdesk support for a large 'entertainment' corporation, which isnt my preferred line of work, but im currently undertaking my BSc(hons) in IT and Computing and also learning the Linux ropes. So by the time i have graduated i should be able to walk into a nice cushy sys/net admin or s/w development job!


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