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Thread: Mmm... let's gonna play a little...

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    Mmm... let's gonna play a little...


    Maybe he was testing some new war strategies, haha!!!

    While parliament hotly debated the actions of Norwegians fighting in Afghanistan, one lawmaker passed the time by playing a war-game of his own on his handheld computer.

    What Conservative lawmaker Trond Helleland, chairman of the justice committee, didn't know was that national television was taping Wednesday's heated debate and zoomed in on him from behind as he played...
    Source and full story here



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    lol, that could be me someday, without the whole report tho.

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    Wow, I think it really goes to show how much policticians really care. It's really sad that someone in such a serious debate just could not resist to play a game. What is the world coming to?


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    I think it just goes to show what the rest of us know-when the politicians speak they don't say anything. A debate is usually a dissemination of false info. I live in the U.S. and to find out what is going on in my country I have to get foreign news- my goverment feeds us with crap to mask what it is actually doing in the world. Americans are pretty much despised over-seas and most don't ven know why. Saying america and compassion in the same statement is like saying m$ and security- but i am ranting on and on so it must be time to end......
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    I love it! This also comes out at a perfect time considering that many politicians are attempting to pass laws that would hamper the gaming industry a great deal. I wonder if PC Gamer or any of the other major media outlets for gaming will pick up on this...?
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