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Thread: Uncle Sam is watching you!!

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    Uncle Sam is watching you!!

    Yo Guys,

    Recently I stumbled on the following article:

    The U.S. is since 11-9 sept. attacks setting up a global early warning information system (GEWIS). It's a part of the American national cyber security strategy. The intention is to buy information from several ISP and telecom providers. According to the White House itís not there intention to collect private information from individual users. Itís for the ISP very simple to hide none relevant information. (Yeah right, heard that before)

    Question, does this mean only for the citizens of the U.S. or is it global? And what does this mean? Share your thoughts on this and let me know what's your opinion.
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    i ahve posted a couple of threads regarding this issue and to answear your question they are getting VERY personal info from your ISP and they are interested in everyone, not just U.S. citizens and it has been a passed law that it is illegal for them to let anyone know outside of the ISP that the FED's or whoever have came and seized info. last month they went to amazon.com and asked for all request on a certain food from there web site cause it is a popular food among arabs and other middle eastreners,so no its not general info they are getting, its very specific.
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    According to the White House itís not there intention....
    "Intention"??? Yeah, right. "Intention" doesn't mean anything. The U.S. government's use of the word "intention" reminds me of one of my own favorite sayings....."Always leave a way out." Well, that's their way out (if indeed they said "intention").

    I can just hear it now..."Well, [err....cough] it was not our intention to spy on private citizens..."

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    "...INTENTION implies little more than what one has in mind to do or bring about"

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    I can understand why it would be helpful to identify particular sites and their users because basically, there is too much information to analyse if you just look at *everyone*.

    Think of it like this, I have multiple entry points to the Internet. To find out everything about me you could either: (1) steal all my computers and read the hard drives (I'd probably notice and change my plans if I was a terrorist); (2) Try and figure out all my likely points of access and monitor them (testing, I may move fast and unpredictably - it's a very small world full of fast planes), or (3) Figure out what resources I use, or behaviour patterns I use and then
    see if you can work out what is original about me. Once you've got that, it's fairly easy to not only track me, but predict where I'm going next.

    What my question would be, if the stories are true, is *if the US (or ANO)govt has the technology to do this - why would they assume that everyone else doesn't also have it too?*
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