i thought sense theres alot of talk about proxies lately and beings how the RIAA and hollywood are starting to put the smack down on fileswappers then there should be a post on a couple of proxies that can be use with P2P programs. there is one called kazaahttp, and heres the link for that one http://www.iprisma.com/kazaahttp/ now while i have found so far that this is a good prog overall if you are new to proxies and arent that comfortable with using them or you are till learning the basic's then this one can be somewhat diffucult.than theres the one i have just switched to and so far so good its called proxycap, http://proxylabs.netwu.com/proxycap/download.html now so far what i like about this one is that it has a nice interface, and it is simpler to use and configure but doesnt seem to slack on effectivness so far. so anybody that uses kazaa(lite), WINmx, Edonkey ,Imesh anything like that i would say that in the future this could prove to be a invaluable piece of software. take it easy people.