The best-worst-weird thing in AO???...
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Thread: The best-worst-weird thing in AO???...

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    The best-worst-weird thing in AO???...


    And what was the best, worst, weird, etc., things that happened to you during your days in AO???

    Mine was the following:

    If you see my profile's photo (it's me but with some alterations done in PhotoShop 7.0), you know you can write a comment about your photo..., and so under my photo it says:

    Can you recognize me?

    OK, then, one day, someone negged me and in the negging message it said:

    I recognize you.

    Really weird, don't you think so?

    And what about you?



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    I'd have to say the best thing about AO.. it's not humerous like yours, but discovering other people like me exist...
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    The best thing for me would still be meeting this one girl... although it didn't work out ...
    The worst thing... same as above
    The weirdest thing... you are pretty weird, -DaRK-RaiDeR-

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    The best thing was finally making the damn 400 posts. Worse thing had to be not knowing what to do exactly when I first got here. Weirdest thing? Definitely you, -DaRK-RaiDeR-
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    Best thing....the tutorials.
    Worst thing....well, they usually end up banned.
    Weirdest thing....Dark Raider. left yourself open for that one.

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    The best thing that ever happened at AntiOnline was the MailBag. I miss the mailbag.

    The worst thing to happen to AntiOnline was the so-called "alliances." I am so glad that was handled.

    The weirdest thing to happen to AntiOnline was me. Maybe that's why I find you good company.


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    Best thing in Ao is the people and the forums and of course -DaRK-RaiDeR- lol

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    The best part of AO is that I've met some very good friends that I treasure in my time here.

    The worst part of AO is people who just keep posting and posting and posting nonsense.

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    The worst thing : being negged by a guy called fockmeister with racist comments that realy hurt
    The best : Every time the above happend some one would come and repair the damage
    The weirdest : coming onto A.O and already being loged in as some one else
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    The best thing to me would probably be the whole AO community as a whole. Everyone is willing to answer your questions and help you with your problems.
    The worst thing would be...well I haven't been around long enough.
    The wierdest would probably reading through posts and seeing that a guy named ratman# keeps coming back ( energizer bunny's relative maybe?)

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