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Thread: every senior in here is soo anal about everything, every single little thing

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    Gray Haired Old Fart aeallison's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Buffalo, Missouri USA

    Question every senior in here is soo anal about everything, every single little thing

    Hah! I got you in here didn't I? It seems that one of our "valued members thinks that us seniors all have some sort of catch in our get-a-longs. What do the rest of you members think about these thoughts and views?

    <edit>Reference: This thread </edit>
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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2002
    I replield to this post, and I think it summed it up pretty well. But I left out that comment, as Im not a senior and let you seniors defend yourselves. I personally think the seniors are very helpful, and I feel that we should have a small amount of respect for them (at the Very LEAST) since they spent the time on the board to aquire said status.

    my reply can be seen by referencing the same thread.
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    Nov 2002

    I already said i don't consider myself a senior member. Real seniors are the ones that had enough time here to deserve the status. But i will defend seniors because they showed us to be very helpful and almost never give a wrong answer. They browse the forums to help any member out there without caring if it's a newbie or another senior.

    So for the guy that said it... the "anal" thing is crap!!!



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    Jan 2003
    Hey Hey.......

    I don't find anyone anal... well .. maybe not everyone is cool but most people are..
    Anyways... I just tend to disagree with the whole "Seniors" thing. I suppose by that time.. you're posts prove you've been around long enough to know something.. but for the most part since those are based on number of posts, and not neccessarily knowledge.... I take those titles with a grain of salt.. The people with the large ammounts of anti-points who are also high up in posts are the people i tend to respect more.. as they are obviously helpful to acrue that many antipoints

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2003
    The only people who find the seniors, or anyone esle anal are those that bring it upon themselves-In the short time I have been a member I have seen at least 3 posts try to con an answer and a few blatantly ask for something illegal OR someone gives info to a problem that can't possibly be correct-those people are given a hard time by the seniors or anyone else who catches the contradictions*myself I try to be meek around the crabby ones* lol
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    Oct 2001

    Exclamation Anal!?!?!?!?!?


    O_M_F_G!!!1! ...who's the mother****er who says we're all ****ing anal the mother****er's gonna die that son of a ****in' bitch whore ass pussy!111!!!1

    ARG!!/11!!. I h4te all of j0!!! ****in anal...hah!...you mother****in' wish!
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2002
    For who ever that said that, i will have you know that, it was seniors members, as: Aeallison, Tedob1, Allenb, Spyder32( Spyder32 wasn't a senior member when i first join, but he was helpful.) and many other that guided me through this site. If it wasn't for them i would be lost, and would had probably gotten banned liek many others did. I really appreciate the senior members, and hope to becoming a member one day. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work, because people like me actaully appreciate it. -Ebo

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    Feb 2002
    Titanmike looks at [WebCarnage] in awe and can only say Jaysus!!!!!!
    Who ever says seniors are anal must first have his own piles removed
    Thats it i think i am going home now
    trembling in awe
    Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.....

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    Some Assembly Required ShagDevil's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    New Jersey
    I think that thread was just someone being antagonistic about something petty. nothing more.
    Just like real life, I see newbies hand out great advice whereas I may see some senior act childish and offer little to next to nothing in the way of help.
    You can't let the past justify the present.
    so what the hell does that mean? simple.
    I take advice from everyone on here at AO, lots of green dots or not, I treat good advice the same no matter the source. After all, I don't know how everyone got their greenies. Alliances?a good flaming of someone posting a dumb question? or being very helpful?...it's all the same to me when it comes to getting my questions answered. I just simply want good advice and/or information.

    Point? I don't demand anything from seniors that I wouldn't demand from everyone.
    This isn't Animal Farm (If you don't know the reference, I suggest reading the book)
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    Junior Member
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    Jan 2003
    I don't see senior members as "anal" at all. Has anyone everheard of constructive criticism? The people that bring it up DID bring it on themselves. The green dots don't really mean alot, other than the person has posted worthwhile stuff over a period of time. You are right ShaqDevil advice in most any form is great. I am a complete newbie myself so information from anyone is a godsend even if it is short or childish. We're all here to learn/teach why bicker over titles?


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