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Thread: Beware! Sitting at your PC can kill you !

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    Beware! Sitting at your PC can kill you !

    i was browsing around Google News and came across this story i found intresting and thought some of you would as well, being that most if not all of us here sit at our computers for hours on end.


    New Zealand researchers have found that sitting at a computer for hours on end can cause fatal blood clots, just as long flights can lead to deep-vein thrombosis (DVT), known as "economy-class syndrome."
    you can read more here.. ( there were other links i just hapend to go to this one)

    Anyways, make sure to get up and stretch from time to time and practice good ergonomics.
    so your not the next victim of When Computers Attack ! LoL
    ok that was probably lame LOL :/

    i'll shut up now.


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    HAH.. that's great..

    I'm going to use that at the school...

    all my classes are done in 2 or 3 hour blocks. this will be a good way to get extended breaks... They dont' wanna risk a lawsuit

    great find drag0nsfyre

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    actually, i learnt all of that and more during my Network+ Collage days.. we had a subject called OHS (Occupational Health and Safety). which i unfortunately failed coz the teacher lost my records. u have no idea how many employers asked me about my fail in OHS, some of them had the impression that im a walking Danger Zone lol.

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    So... it is my PC that is killing me?!?!?

    All this time I thought it was the Burger King, bacon egg and cheese bagels, Wendys, cheese steaks, alcohol and smoke that was killing me....

    Damn... guess I'll have to give up some computer time....
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