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Thread: What's with all those polls ?

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    Wink What's with all those polls ?


    What's with all those polls around here ? Shouldn't they make a new forum around here for this kinda threads ?
    Well ... mmm... let me know your true feelings about this.

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    I think that polls are interesting as it provides information on what most users use/agree on.

    Ofcourse there are some totaly dumb/useless polls going on, but then again others are very interesting just to get a general idea on what is popular or good.

    I dont think its necessary to create a forum only for polls. Some polls are what makes a thread interesting. Look at it sometimes as advertisement. I myself have thought about the idea of making a poll in my posts, but have not found the occasion yet to use it.

    All this is just a thought from by behalf, others may disagree with that.



    I would also like to add that it should be upto the users to decide about what happens to the polls, not JP or the admins.(Please, no offense intented @ JP or the admins. I think JP has done a terrific job so far with all of this here.) Just remember, its the users that make AO what it is today.
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    Yeah i suppose they could make a new forum for these types of threads would make things alot more eaiser and quicker nice post Shrekkie good statements

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    and yet another poll

    A poll to complain about polls, shrekkie? LOL...
    Well, in some cases, if someone needs to use a certain tool/learn something, he/she may benefit from the experience of those who have already used/learnt that thing.
    Most of others are only opinion collectors... The poll finishes, and the conclusion is: some people like A and other B :P .
    Donīt ask me why they are appearing everywhere.. must be a virus. Or they breed by dividing themselves..

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