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Thread: 3 buildings down in Nigeria...

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    3 buildings down in Nigeria...


    I'm watching TV news and in Nigeria 3 buildings have crumbled after (supposedly until they know for sure) a bomb has blown up in the fourth floor of one of them where a comercial center (mall) was functioning. They are just starting to find people dead and alive below the rubbles.

    Maybe our member "ebo" (from Nigeria) can tell you more about this.

    I think to myself, when all of this will stop? Terrorism sucks!!!



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    From our ABC news service

    Many people were feared dead on Sunday after an explosion ripped apart a block of shops and apartments in central Lagos, Nigeria's biggest city.

    Witnesses said that at least 20 bodies had been pulled out of the rubble of a bank and two four-storey mixed business and residential blocks on Lagos Island, in the commercial heart of the city.

    "When I arrived they had got six or seven bodies out and into police vehicles and ambulances," said Laure Adiobun, a 37-year-old engineer. "I saw many more trapped. There were at least 20, maybe more."

    The walls of the bank were ripped off by the blast, while the two apartment blocks collapsed entirely.

    In the surrounding streets and alleyways a dozen buildings were severely damaged.

    Huge crowds also thronged to the site, between Idumagbo Avenue and Oronyinyin Street, past overwhelmed security forces.

    Many claimed the blast had been caused by a bomb, while others said a gas leak or generator fire may have been to blame.

    Ambulance crews parked as close to the scene as they could and waited for the crowds to free the dead and wounded.

    Witnesses at the scene spoke of a rapid series of blasts, and one said he had seen smoke rising from the building before the explosion.
    Cause of explosion obviously not known yet, too early to lay blame.

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    You know guys,what I can for the life of me not understand is WHY?????kill innocent people to try and prove whatever point it is you are trying to get across.I think it is a low and unmorale thing to do.If they are so brave why don't they comfront the responsible parties and try and resolve this issue in peace!!!!!!!!!!! My sympathy to all the people related to this horrifying ordeal.

    Practise what you preach.

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