Oh, introducing myself a bit late, I guess. Thninking if I would have something interesting to say.
Well, name: Paulo .
Hope I will be graduating in Biology pretty soon, and I am quite interested in stuff like vertebrate zoology, ethology, paleonthology, bioinformatics and.. wait! This is a security forum! Well, then, add auditing, protocols, linux, firewalls, and other security subjects to the list..
And no, I am not related to ISOTK, ION, affix, silverlordz, bloodbr, redeye or other defacer groups (all of them are brazilian.. :/ ). But yes, I love laughing at their achievements. The only thing that might be worse than a script kiddie is a group of them.
What else? age 22. hmm thatīs enough.
Loved the foruns.