Qs on Solution 12:

Regarding the SOHO/router; the book states that it is a device, how is it been installed?if it is a device, then the company hav to spend money on this device on all VPN user?isn't it a waste of fund?

According to Solution 12, Answer Section No. 4;a skilled attacker will normally close the hole...if the attacker were to close the hole,is he/she goin to re-hack the system; or access the system through 'justme' account which he/she created? But the 'justme' account must be an administrative account, if not how is he/she going to takeover the system? Or justme may just a normal user account as he/she had already reset the SOHO/router passwd, as long as he/she can gain access to the computer, he/she will have no problem access the router to modify the NAT?

Qs on Solution 15:

What is a DoS attack?How will it affect the Server?

Is it that the Web Server will keep on respond to the source at UDP 7 and caused the processing of the in-coming traffic?