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Thread: Microsoft security gets an....'f'

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    Microsoft security gets an....'f'

    While I was browsing through the news today I found this article and thought to share here with you guys, check this out about Bull Gate and his software securityhttp://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/biztech...eut/index.html

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    Wow, that is interesting to say the least but uh, may I ask if you do not like Bill Gates , why are you using Windows? I know security in Windows is flawed but it is also incredibly easy to use and install. I use Windows myself (I also use linux) and I am sorta edgy about security with it (win 9x need I say more?) But look at RedHat and the like there are alot ways to get Root on it but noone ever complains about that. The only reason Microsoft gets slammed so much is that many many people use it and the more people that use it the more people are going to try to compromise it! Sorry about my rant, I just don't like it that people are biased on any O/S.


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    Im no expert, I have mixed feelings. I agree that Microsoft needs to put more emphasis on security. However on the other hand it is not entirely all Microsofts fault. The more popular a product is, the more people that use it, and out of those who use it will be a group of significantly determined people whop are determined on breaking the system.

    Just my thoughts

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    I read a quote (maybe here) that said microsoft security is comparable to shooting yourself in the right foot and bandaging the left foot.
    Microsoft isn't hated by us because it is an os that has flaws but because they keep secrets from us that directly affects us- look at all the hidden stuff in ie-(I found out about most of it here)
    Gates wants to be in all our wallets, which is alright, but he doesn't care if we want him there or better explained-he wants to sell second rate stuff that we have no choice but to buy or be left out.
    I have held back on running red hat because I don't know enough about how to run it yet but nobody is shoving Linux down my throat and thats what makes it attractive
    I too rant so......
    the only way to fix it is to flush it all away-tool

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