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    did anyone notice that all the user participation levels in kazaa lite are 666? that's kinda weird being that it is the number of the beast as mentioned in the Bible....or could it be that all the ratings are like that because of where i downloaded KaZaA lite from?
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    It may just be the place you got if from.
    The participation levels are in the registry- it would be pretty easy buisness to tell it to do 666. If you want to change it, do a google search for kazaahack. Its a nice little program that will let you dictate your participation level. Mine is now at 1000
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    I think its how much bandwidth your sharing. I have Supreme being (1000) as mine. Most people have Deity (666). Deity means
    A god or goddess. The essential nature or condition of being a god; divinity. Any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
    So maybe the number has to do with the title. And the title has to do with the bandwidth. Most people probably have the same share settings as others, hence the same name.

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    Sounds to me like a programmers/hackers idea of a joke. [EDIT: Thanks for the info, I didn't think it could go that high.] Where did you get it from? Oh, by the way, the number of the beast isn't 666, it's accually 999. When you see symbols in dreams, they are inverted. The king james translation of the bible, and possibally others, screwed this up. But enough about that, don't worry about Kazaa. With a participation level like that, you should be rejoicing.

    I think its how much bandwidth your sharing.
    Taken from Kazaa Online Help, don't sue me:

    Participation Level
    The higher your participation level, the better your KMD's downloading performance will be.
    The more of your integrity rated files (measured in megabytes) you share, the higher your participation level.
    In order to support the philosophy and principles upon which peer-to-peer technology is based, Kazaa Media Desktop now includes a Participation Level. This is a title or index assigned to each user based on the way in which they use the software. Basically, the more integrity rated files you share, the better your downloading performance will be.
    Level Summaries:
    Low - you download more megabytes from other users than other users download from you. The files downloaded from you are probably not integrity rated.
    Medium - you allow a solid amount of megabytes to be downloaded from you, or a healthy amount that are integrity rated. Or you have just started and not done much yet.
    High - you allow more megabytes to be downloaded from you than you download from other users. You are really doing your bit.
    When is it used?
    When you request a file from another user and someone else has already requested it, then the user with the highest Participation Level will receive priority. So if you are the only one after a file, then you will not be impacted by a lower priority. The aim is to reward people who 'Integrity rate' their files and share their own content - which makes the peer-to-peer world work.

    This is hard to control since it is up to other users to choose to download files from you, but if you share interesting files you will give yourself a good chance of improving your level.

    How to improve your level?
    There are two main ways you can improve your level:
    Increase the amount of megabytes downloaded from you by other users. This is hard to control since it is up to other users to download from you, but if you share your large and interesting files, you will give yourself a good chance of improving your level.
    Accurately integrity rate all your files. This will double the value of every file downloaded from you. By reviewing and then rating the integrity of a file (technical quality and meta data) your are supporting the sharing of accurate files and you will be rewarded for it. Learn more about integrity rating.
    Important Note: The Participation Level is designed to reward those who are practicing good peer-to-peer behavior, not punish those who are not or cannot.
    What if I'm a new user? - everyone starts at the medium participation level and your level can go up or down from there.
    But I'm on a modem and sharing has too much impact on speed - that is OK, you will still be able to download, but someone who shares (who you might be getting files from) deserves priority if you ever go head to head.
    But I pay for bandwidth when other users download from me - again, that's OK, do what you can. It will only impact you when you come up against another user who wants exactly the same file at exactly the same time.
    Why did my participation level go back to medium when I upgraded to the latest version of Kazaa Media Desktop and how fast will I get my normal level back? - Participation levels are a representation of your recent sharing pattern and are not accumulated over long periods of time. They are based on the ratio between your recent uploads and downloads. If you habitually share then your participation level will rise again in a short period of time.

    Promotion Through Sharing

    Kazaa Media Desktop is a great way for you to promote your own content. Any documents, images, music, playlists, software or videos that you have created and own, can be placed in your 'My Shared Folder' to be downloaded by others. The more megabytes that are downloaded from you the higher your participation level. For ideas about what to create, and how to label your created content see the "Kreate" page.

    This is a perfect way for musicians, producers, poets, photographers and artists to make their work available to others. You can even distribute it securely through the premium content companies.

    Click here to read about integrity rating files.
    Click here to read about sharing.
    Kreate your own files and promote them through Kazaa Media Desktop - read more.


    It sounds like it is important, but all it really does is decide who gets a file when two people want it from the same source. I have a rating of like 10, and it hasn't affected me yet.

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