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    I call it... 'My AO masterpiece'...


    Here it is, "My AO masterpiece"... enjoy it!!! (just joking)

    I had looked for the avatars step by step, starting by the seniors, then the addicts, members, jr. members and finally newbies (in that order of importance), so sorry if i have forgotten someone.

    By the way, do you want your name or avatar in the middle of it???



    edit 1: Answering to SoggyBottom, my avatar and nick are in the middle because it can be changed for yours if you want, just tell me!!!

    edit 2: I didn't mean it to be a wallpaper (only if you take it as a "very freak wallpaper" like no other) but i'm glad you use it then, thanks!!!

    edit 3: Answering to mathgirl32, i won't say so, hehe, it took me a loooot of time to finish it looking, copying, pasting and editing each one of the avatars and the rest of the image itself.

    edit 4: Finally, I have decided to change this file to the "GENERAL VERSION" of "AO Avatars Quilt" because most of you are still answering this thread instead of the other.

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    Mate that is some fantastic artwork. Well done!!

    But why does your avatar get to be in the middle?

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    Nicely done

    now that i looked back i didn't see mine and i even used it for wallpaper

    another edit--i can't use it for wallpaper i can't see my icons
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    hahaha thats pretty cool dr.

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    that looks really cool its my wallpaper now. glad my avatar is in it
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    Now, that IS nice, Dark Rader!!

    One thing, though.....you've got TOO much time on your hands!!

    Go Finland!
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    haha looks great :-)
    i'm going to make a custom avatar for myself, get it up, and THEN bug you about putting mine on the pic ;-)
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    I thought I liked AntiOnline, but this takes the cake.

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    Really, really nice.. Oh, i can recognise most of them! . Hmm.. oh, no! where´s the cookietux?

    Found in a diary:
    \".... and yes, since i am a l337 hax0r, i am also using vi to write this. ^[[D^[[B^ exit ^X^C quit :x :wq dang it :w:w:w :x ^C^C^Z^D\"

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    Pretty cool DR! I tried it as wallpaper... but I can't see anything with all my icons on there.

    Kinda like a AO community "quilt" kind of thing if you will.

    Must have taken some time too! Damn... I wish I had that kind of time on my hands.

    Hey... DR... since you have all that time on your hands... u any good at C programming? Some $ in it for ya! j/k
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