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    Who downloaded this attachment, Possible Bug!

    I dont know if anyone has noticed this or not, or if it is just me but i doubt it, since ive used multiple browsers to test it. But i cannot seem to view the who downloaded this attachment link below attachments in threads. It returns the AO has recently undergone many changes blah blah bleh site, and now its bothering me as to whether anyone else has noticed it or not. Oh well, doesnt really hurt me or AO so its not a big problem, just curious as to why it doesnt work anymore..

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    Yes, I noticed it about a month ago and I get the same error message. So, it's not just you.

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    'Who Downloaded This Attachment' Bug

    That was 26 November... been a while, hasn't it

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    ah yeah see, sorry, it has been a while. a few months threw me off. i should have searched around, but regardless if it wasnt fixed within that timeframe it *should* have been at least bumped or a new topic started about it.

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