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    violation of rights

    I don't know about ya'll but I love my privacy and the Patriot Act "crap" is for tha birds.
    It's a lie at fooling the masses to sell the freedom and privacy. This act gives the Federal
    Boys the right to monitor whatever they want. Check it out at http://www.eff.org
    Saying they r looking for terriosts. They can go to Ur ISP grab all hard drives they want to
    look through for whatever purposes. Not just your isp but your bank or whatever they want.
    And to mention that they came 2 get hd's to anyone U could be charge with a criminal act. Just for that, It sounds like a former USSR techinque masquerading under democracy. It will
    be soon if people don't speak out against certain issues. Which concern there livelihood or U would become a prisoner in your own home, city, town, and country. Just some thoughts for tha mind! -P7-

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    This is scary. One thing that would be interesting to know is, does the US have the right to gain this information from users that are located outside the US, and can they get user information from foreign ISPs? When downloading plugins or software in general lately, more and more sites start offering seperate links for international users. Alot of the international download links do not work. Does that have something todo with this issue? There was also a post on AO about akamai technologies who claimed they are doing "scans" to increase end users perfomance. All this is very "fishy".

    And who decides what information or data is private. Who decides what kind of information may be retrieved from end users. Can the gov just go up to someone and say that they want to see the harddisk as it is, or is there a limit to data on the hard drive that they are "allowed" to see?

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    i say if someone asks for ur hdd (and you are of the parionoid type) ... go to the shed and beat that hdd harder then u've ever beaten something up b4. then show them ur moniter and say "is that a hard drive?"

    seriously tho, how much power do they have, and to what extent do you think they will go? surely they don't care about us common folk and what data we have?

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    Unhappy BAD


    I totally agree with you. I love my freedom and privacy as well. I am glad that I am not living in America. Things looks to be getting worse since Sept 11. Lots of propaganda and modern tactics of dictatorship are being exercised.

    Some of you might disagree but at the end of the day, the American government has yet to full fill it’s promises to its citizens. It failed its people on Sept 11.The economy is in a bad way, they haven’t caught Bin Laden even though they used millions of American dollars to bom Afghanistan. What have the American people got in return? The fear of terror has not ended. Now they want another war paid by the American people. Will the fear of terror end after that?

    The Government has failed to protect its citizen. Many American are still living in fear.

    Why ? Perhaps its time for you to decide………..

    Losing your freedom and privacy? Will it take away your fear of terror…..

    I am not against the government protecting its people. They can always do that in secrecy. Just like http://www.echelonwatch.org/ etc.

    But I not for this fear and terror crap applied by governments on its own citizens

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    hmm honestly.. i think Bush is loosing it.. he's going nuts.

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    Re: BAD

    I love my freedom and privacy as well.
    When have you really ever had it ? ..... I mean to say the government and their agents the spooks, MI5/6, CIA, FBI, ASIO etc... etc ... have always been able to get access to these things, just that there was a long-winded, bureaucratic process to get access to it (maybe). I dare say in the spy business they have been gathering thing secretly for years, right under our noses.

    Seems to me that things have been streamlined so instead of waiting weeks or months, things can be done immediately, so to speak - whether this is good or bad, whether this is an accountable system for what they have been doing all the time anyway, well time will tell.

    What worries me is the accountability factor. If these guys screw up, what come back has the individual got ? ... this is what you should be lobbying your politicians long and hard about and demand the answers. Get a group going and get the answers. Basically, who is watching the watchers ??

    In reality how has this new law changed your life from yesterday to today ? What are you doing differently today than you did yesterday ? I would say that for 99.99% of us, the answer would be nothing.

    I have nothing to hide and they are welcome to pour over my hard drive anytime - just I don't think their lives are that lacking in excitement at the moment. Watching the traffic coming to and from my computer would cure an insomniac.

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