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Thread: EBay Pulls shuttle debris listing

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    Angry EBay Pulls shuttle debris listing

    Hey Everyone,

    I came across this story andI just couldnt imagine that someone would even have the nerve or disrespect to even think about listing something from this tragedy, I thought DR's post about the Nasa site defacements was out of line but this surely is as well. whats wrong with some people today at least EBay caught it and pulled it off quickly

    you can read more here http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/interne....ap/index.html

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    I know drag0nsfyre some people just don't have any feelings they are stone cold. May be they would do the same if one of those seven astronauts would from there own family. This is so inhumane. How dare they? They should go to prison for that man. I am very angry about this and how could e-bay let them list those items?

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