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Thread: D-Link 520+ Networks

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    D-Link 520+ Networks

    I've got a D-link wireless network set up at my house. I've been upgrading my pc alot lately and I had to remove my D-Link 520+ wireless card to get access to my mother board. No circuitry was ever touched on this thing. After reassembling my box I loaded Windows and so forth. The problem is that when I put my network card back in it freezes my comp on boot up.
    This happens only when the card is in. The confusing thing is that the card isn't even being recognized as being installed. The light in the back on the card showing that it is recieving power isn't even on. I don't understand how it could be conflicting with anything because I had just wiped my HD and started completely freash. I even hauled it over to a wall jak and updated everything just to make sure. My friend Mike whom owns a comp. repair shop is even stumped. i think static might have gotten to it, but he's not so sure about that. I need help.
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    What OS are we talking about here.

    Also....sounds like its conficting with something else....try changing slots.



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    Give us a litle more of info like what kind of upgrade you made to your pc did you add a new type of card? or something that probably is creating a conflict? what gypsygeek said is true try to change the slot or check for any conflict with the last piece os hardware you put in your puter.
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