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Thread: sticks and stones

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    sticks and stones

    I was totally appalled to see two crudely worded posts today which used such gutteral derogatory inflammatory language slanted towards a few of our fellow AO members . If any of you have not gained a fair amount of social graces within the span of your lifetimes I suggest you begin to practice them without delay,for talking and acting this way will surely make you most heartily disliked here as well as at home, shcool or work. No one in the adult world likes a arrogant obnoxious person or a sneering sarcastic one.Such terms as were used are more than likely to get you into a geat deal of trouble sooner or later not to mention people who will want to knock you to the ground.Everyone has their own lifestyle and and is entitled to it A hate letter never solves anything and causes chaos. I am a married woman with both straight and gay friendships I believe people should be judged not on color, sexual orientation nor age or youth but on character and principles and the way they carry themselves on a daily basis How else can we or the world go forth into the future. We left the trees in the savannah of Africa or wherever we all descended from thousands of years ago lets not act like those monkeys but the civilized humans we are all supposed to be. Do not call people names simply because they may have irritated you that is childish. Learn to close your mouth and leave the scene if you are that volatile sparing others the brunt of your animosity. Auntie
    For hundreds of years the brain was physically capable of the thoughts of a Galelio or an Aristotle among people who had not yet learned to count to ten. Much of that equipment is still unused and waiting.

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    You make a good point. It is too easy for all of us, none of us here are completely innocent, to call someone a name or be too harsh in a post that we make. If someone sees someone doing that, its their responsiblity to send them rate them accordingly, and send them a PM.

    If that doesn't fix whatever the problem is, then the person will eventually be banned.

    Thanks for pointing this out, we appreciate it.

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