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Thread: Non-tech humour - lawyers

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    Non-tech humour - lawyers

    Dave and Sue, soon to be married, were involved in a fatal car crash.
    Arriving at the gates of Heaven, rather surprised, they discussed their
    situation as they queued. St. Peter welcomed them, and waved them through,
    but Dave said "Before we come in, we need to check something. We were going
    to be married - can we get married here?"

    St Peter scratched his head, and said "Gosh, nobody's asked that before...
    If you don't mind waiting, I'll go and check." And off he went. Probably
    leaving an archangel in charge, who knows? Metaphysical theology isn't my
    strong point.

    The minutes became hours, the hours became days. Sue and Dave had more time
    to talk... and think....

    Eventually, after seven days, St Peter returned, looking hot and bothered.
    "Yes", he said. "You can get married in Heaven. Please come in."

    "Just one more question", said Sue. "If we're talking eternity here, what if
    we find we're not getting along in the millennia to come? Is there divorce
    in Heaven?"

    At this, St Peter wiped his brow and said "Look, dear child... it's taken me
    a week to find a priest up here - if you think I'm going to look for a
    668 - the neighbor of the beast

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    A cute joke, but an old one. Not exactly tech, as your subject says. Thanks for sharing!

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