I thought I would give the net admins a little heads up on what hit our admin on the head. The server group decided to deploy Microsoft Software Update Services at our facility because we, the firewall admin and router team, do not allow ActiveX through the firewall. As many of you know, Microsoft Windows Update relies on ActiveX to determine what patches are on your box. After they announced this new great way to deploy patches without going to the WindowsUpdate site, they failed to read the release notes that states that anything less than W2K service pack 2 will not work with this solution. This left about 300 Windows98 boxes stranded along with another 150 NT4 boxes. The only way around this is to use the auto update service for 98. You can imagine that upper management was not impressed with this comedy show *evil grin*.

Anyway, just a heads up incase others are planning on using this free service from Microsoft.

Hope this helps!

For more info on SUS, go to: