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Thread: Learning to program

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    Angry Learning to program

    Well, I'm prolly gonna get in over my head with this, so don't kick me too hard(& please, noting the face

    I've been looking into the security scene for about 7 years now, 6 of it has been trying to learn something. Unfortionatly, I must be retarded because I've learned very little about computers. I learned HTML, all well & good, then I tried to learn Java(no good), then C(no good), C++(no good), Basic(no good). I've been going in circles now for 6 years trying to learn something, but all I've managed to come up with is being "that guy who comes over to fix the computer". II know more than most of the people I've meet, one person I'm dead even with, & one person I can learn from. He's a hardware guy. I did learn alot about electronics, but that has little to do with learning about security. So I'm up against something I've heard about for years but haven't tried yet, Assembly Language. I really want this to be my breakthrough into a new level of understanding, to push me over the level of just another guy who can set up a computer/network. It's been 6 years of not getting it, if you have anything that can help this sink in, I would appericiate the help.

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    So I'm up against something I've heard about for years but haven't tried yet, Assembly Language.
    Here's a thread I posted on assembly.

    Assembly is beautiful but I would not begin with it. Have you tried Visual Basic? Just a thought -- you didn't mention it in your post. Hope this helps.

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    that's beautiful tutorial. yea, start out with something simplle programming language. Like Visual Basic or C++

    Aseembly is hard if youre just starting out.

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    I'm an assembler programmer. It is a simple language, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners. You have to have a pretty good idea of how the computer internals work and how they interact.

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    C++ isnt good to start with. Its really complex and hard. I recomend visual basic first because it gives you a base. I tryed c++ first and had no idea what i was doing. Then i tried vb and then went back to c++ and knew what i was doing.
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    then I tried to learn Java(no good), then C(no good), C++(no good), Basic(no good). I've been going in circles now for 6 years trying to learn something
    Maybe you should look into being a tech support guy? jk

    I started with VB. Learned it all well and fine, but now I'm learning Java, and some of the ideas that are in VB aren't in some of the better languages like Java or C. Like when you program in VB, you make a syntax mistake, Visual Basic will either fix it for you, or prompt you. In Java, you make ONE TEENY, LITTLE, WORTHLESS syntax error, and your brooding over it for hours.

    So what I would do, is try and learn Java again. I created bad programming habits for myself by starting on VB. Plus once you learn Java, you can easily branch off into other languages like C and C++.

    And of course, the best thing you can do out of all of these, is read. Read anything and everything.

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    To learn c++ is like put a three year old on a motar bike in the middle of the freeway and tell him to learn how to drive a bicycle. Try learning from visual basic it is easy and you will enjoy it.

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    Definatly assembly is not a language to start with.

    When you say basic no good what exactly do you mean by this. I learned alot by reading tutorials online but found gaps in my knowledge preventing me from moveing on. Tutorial writers often miss out important peices of information, it is dificult as the tutorial writer has information he/she wants to share, but does not know what the reader already knows or doesnt know. These knowledge gaps act as large pebbles on road. We all start out small and work up the ladder. Maybe you can ask this friend of yours how he started. Everyone starts somewhere. I myself started to learn programming with Qbasic. I was driven by curyosity after talking to a new friend I met at college. My curiocity got me far. After hearing and reading so much about google the search engine I decided to give it a try, I then stumbled across a search engine tutorial and read that. This gave me many pointers.

    Perhaps this has given you some guidence.

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    I'm just about to write a review on this book in the book reviews forum, but check out getting a copy of SAMS Teach Yourself Begininning Programming in 24 Hours. It's a good basis starting from BASIC and moving into C/C++. It's by no means complete, meaning you'll have to build upon the basics you learn in the book to move into a specific programming language. However, it's been very helpful to me, it's not condecending, in fact I think it's one of the best introductory books, with many working examples, and even a CD of examples and compilers for you to try and run.

    It covers BASIC, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and some HTML (mostly for example purposes). I got this copy at the library.

    Sometimes it's just a matter of sitting down, and really reading the material. There's no reason you couldn't get this book. A 10 year old could take this book and fly with it. But it's also adaptive for older readers and those wanting to retouch upon basic programming skills.

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    A good programming language for beginners is python it's quite a poweful language if you are interested go to www.python.org they are good links to tutorials at python.org to have fun
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