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Thread: Modprobe problem

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    Modprobe problem

    Hey all

    Am new to networking. When i used to network a machine using mandrake linux 8.2, with a NIC from realtek using a switch, and when i run the configuration tool, i got an error like

    modprobe: can't locate eth0

    The OS finds my card and installs appropriate driver without problems, but in control center , it is not connecting to the domai.

    When i used the same machine using win98, it can't connect to the domain controller, but the switch shows activity.

    may be i don't know am specifying some incorrect data, but as i already said, am new to networking.

    I read some of the tutorials on AO last week on networking, but what i am looking for is a step by step tut on how to configure a network (may be win 98 machines connected to a win 2000 advanced server or NT 4.0) . or anybody can point to some links (I think there will be some in AO itself, but i can't find one).

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    Normally when modprobe gives that output, it measn that there is not a kernel module available for the specific ethernet.

    try the following

    # updatedb
    # locate rtl8139

    See if that comes back with any *.o files, if it doesnt it means that the support for your realtek ( eth0 ) has been built into the kernel.

    If the above is true, all you need to do to bring up the ethernet is... for example...

    # ifconfig eth0

    failing that you will have to download the kernel source, and build the kernel and kernel modules to support your ethernet.

    With regards to networking, see the www.sans.org - there are several guides and tutorials available.

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