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    I recently finished up reading and working with SAMS Teach Yourself Beginning Programming in 24 Hours (Greg Perry). I've had great success with the book and CD-ROM that accompanied it and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone starting out in programming that can't decide on what language to start with.

    The book caters to almost any beginning audience, whether you're someone who has programmed before or someone who has never programming. It takes you through the history of programming, the differences in language, beginning good structure with your program writing with extensive chapters in planning your programs and the importance of planning them out before actually writing them.

    The book begins with taking you through Liberty BASIC with programs that progressively get harder as you learn more functions. You move from BASIC to Java to C/C++ to a small overview of web-based languages, such as HTML and JavaScript.

    Included on the CD are many examples, the LB Compiler as well as everything you need to start programming in Java.

    This resource was absolutely fantastic. You end the book feeling accomplished and ready to learn more. I think it's an excellent book for anyone looking to start out in programming.

    The Hour Tutorials:

    1. Hands-On Programming With Liberty BASIC
    2. Process and Techniques
    3. Designing a Program
    4. Getting Input and Displaying Output
    5. Data Processing with Numbers and Words
    6. Controlling Your Programs
    7. Debugging Tools
    8. Structured Techniques
    9. Program Algorithms
    10. Having Fun With Liberty BASIC
    11. Advanced Programming Issues
    12. Programming in Java
    13. Java's Details
    14. Java has Class
    15. Applets and Web Pages
    16. Programming With Visual BASIC
    17. Programming with C and C++
    18. Using HTML for Web Pages
    19. Scripting with JavaScript
    20. Dynamic HTML and XML
    21. .NET -- The Future of Online Programming
    22. How Companies Program
    23. Distributing Applications
    24. The Future of Programming

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    Yep they are good books they get you the hang of the language here is a link to teach yourself C in 24 hours if you are interested enjoy
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    Thank you. It's greatly appreciated, that was going to be one of my next books.

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    Yep they are good books they get you the hang of the language here is a link to teach yourself C in 24 hours if you are interested enjoy
    Thanks for the link

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