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Thread: Will the Webmaster fix bugs?...

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    Will the Webmaster fix bugs?...


    I have a question (it's a doubt i have), will the AntiOnline Webmaster ever fix the more requested lately bugs as for example the "OLD THREADS BUMPING UP", the "ANTIONLINE.COM ACCOUNT" or some little others we are requesting to be fixed too? I know they are very busy people in they real lives but (and you know it) we have opened a lot of new threads discussing these BUGS ISSUES, but it seems to me that sometimes (i feel it this way) maybe there's no point in discussing these matters because lately we have had many of these threads saying for example: "Hi, what putting the name of the guys who bumps a thread to resolve the problem and know who bumps each thread?", or "Hi, i know JP will erase the account of AntiOnline.com and the problem will be fixed" or "Hi, has AO been sold?" and there isn't an answer to these questions yet.

    Well, i'd like some of you (maybe old Senior Members) to tell us if you know about something about this or then maybe the Webmaster or JP could tell us what are the real condition or requirements to fix these bugs. I know many of you and I will appreciate it so much.

    There has been a lot of good ideas about avatars, privileges and other features lately without response too.

    By the way, who's the Webmaster, JP himself?

    Well, these are the doubts i have.



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    JP is the webmaster. I haven't been on IRC much in the mornings lately where if JP is online working with the site he would mention that anything is up. I'm not even for sure if the site has been sold or he just changed his mind. He doesn't talk too much on there even though he's logged on most of the time. So I do not have any idea as to when the bugs or current issues with the site will be resolved, and I'm not sure that anyone else has any idea either.

    It happens when JP makes it happen. Though, I do agree things are getting pretty neglected around here. Stuff is beginning to pile up. Hopefully someone who has the answers can contribute to this thread.

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    As for the antionline.com user, I thought that maybe "ignoring" the user would have cured that problem.... it didn't.

    So for the time being, I set a "quick link" on the link bar to antionline.com/index.php instead of just .com

    Just a suggestion for some.

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