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Thread: 'Quotation marks' or 'quotes' in threads titles...

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    'Quotation marks' or 'quotes' in threads titles...


    It seems that there are still members (and the new sure won't know) that doesn't know about it so for that ones i want to say that you CAN'T use double quotes, i mean the symbol: ", in a thread title because if for example you write a thread with the title:

    "Hello" i'm a "newbie" here...

    when posting the thread it will replace the (") symbol for (&quot so the title will say:

    "Hello" i'm a "newbie" here...

    and it's difficult to understand the title of the thread then.

    So, if you want to use quotes on your threads titles use the single quote symbol: (')

    And write the title this way:

    'Hello' i'm a 'newbie' here...

    You won't have problems this way.

    That's all, bye,


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    it's the way URLencoding works.. same counts for < > and &

    &amp;lt; represents the < sign.
    &amp;gt; represents the > sign.
    &amp;amp; represents the & sign.
    &amp;quot; represents the " mark.

    source: http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/charset.html#h-5.3.2
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