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Thread: xp pro tour f@**ed

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    xp pro tour f@**ed

    last night after installing windows XP pro for the first time i started checking things out to see
    how things were changed and ... after some time i saw a little icon in the tray and clicked it,yeh it was the windows tour or what ever i knew from the past that windows protects this file against any change so i started searching for the location of the file to see if it was protected or not !after some digging i found were it was running from "[rootdrive]:\windows\system32\.."i tried deleting it but after 5 seconds
    it was replaced so there was no chance i could change ,remove,replace .... the file.
    then i thought i would try finding the place were it stored all those images and ... i found it like ABC it was "[rootdrive]:\windows\HELP\Tours\" there were two folders inside one for the animated tour and the other one for the non-animated tour.i opened the folder named "mmtour" and guess what all that animated sh!t was made using flash5 and the good news was that they had not protected those swf files from import so anyone with basic knowledge of flash could import the files and use,change.... the files.
    to my great happiness the tour.exe file and the swf files imported some variables from local txt files so it was possible to ....(try finding the answer yourself)

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    w000t nice ness..

    this is realy funny

    Realy well done !!
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    Lemme guess what perms were set on those text Oh and let me guess what happened when you tried to delete that file again?!

    Nice grab!
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    Great job!

    (hope it didn't have sound....had the speakers off cause'a work)

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    LOL, very funny. All true. . . .sadly
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