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    Iranian Agency praises NASA web defacements...


    Taken from here it says that:

    Pro-Islamic Fundamentalist Iranian News Agency praises the NASA web defacements.

    Strange things happen when hackers hack and even a simple hacking becomes twisted into some self-serving propoganda purpose by a state controlled news media organization. As we all know by now, the Trippin Smurfs accessed nine NASA web servers on the day of the Space Shuttle disaster and did their little web defacement and rant about the USA and IRAQ. Well now the folks at the Official News Agency of the Islamic Republic of IRAN are holding the Trippin Smurfs up as poster kids of the year. I don't think the Trippin Smurfs were really shooting for an invitation for dinner at Saddams palace, but their actions have certainly been applauded by the pro-Islamic fundamentalist. Here is how the Islamic and fundamentalist world is reporting < -: cough :- > the story regarding the hacking of the NASA servers...
    See the Pro-Islamic Fundamentalist Iranian News Agency here and the full article is the following:


    New Delhi, Feb 4, IRNA -- Trippin Smurfs, a hacking group, brought
    down nine web servers of US-based premier space organization, the
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in protest
    against the American policy on Iraq, local press reported on Tuesday.
    According to the Hindu, a New Delhi-based English daily, the NASA
    system administrators removed the message from the hackers quietly.
    The servers now throw up 'page not found' messages.
    The group put up a 24-line message in not so 'impeccable' language
    denouncing the US for its determined plan to attack Iraq.
    "...war with Iraq is imminent..and I wonder why" the message
    begins. Many countries have different kinds of weapons, but the US was
    not attacking them.
    "But when a smaller country tries to improve their technology they
    aren't allowed! So let me get this: USA (and also some countries from
    EU) tries to stop them...and I wonder why (sic)?), the group wrote.
    The web administrators of NASA servers were also ridiculed by
    Tripping Smurfs who told 'the scriptkiddies' that they do not have a
    clue about hacking. They also advised the 'admin' to read more about
    security or 'at least level others do that'.
    The defaced servers are mirrored on www.zone-h.org which runs a
    mirror on all defaced sites in the world.


    So, who has reason?



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    Errm...DR, I read your post, and the article, and then I REREAD them, I don't see where anyone is praising the attack. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, maybe I'm just tired. And as far as your question goes,(if I understood it correctly)the answer is right there in the article...
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    I don't know and that's why i'm asking what your opinions are. The site says that: "Official News Agency of the Islamic Republic of IRAN are holding the Trippin Smurfs up as poster kids of the year..." and "the Trippin Smurfs... have certainly been applauded by the pro-Islamic fundamentalist...".

    They are an online news agency (not the Iranian site, i mean the other) so they must have their reasons for accusing the Iranian Agency... but i finally don't know who to believe in.



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