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    Unhappy Java ?><? is hard

    hey fello Antionliners, this is my verry first post here anywayz,

    im working on a java website that connects a database with an online order system...but the problem i have is them i can run the site all perfect on my machine using servletrunner.exe,

    included in the java servlet development kit jsdk2.0 and i have all my paths set, for the Library and bin folders, but when i make the webpage avilable through apache http server...pll loggon on tel me that they ge the first page that is written in html but the rest of the site has the error "cannot connect of sumthing similar" ....does any1 know why this may be>??....

    i am really stuck here if u coudl help ill be so happy!!

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    1) That's why you should use Tomcat and not servletrunner to test all your JSP pages.
    2) Do you have Tomcat installed as a plugin to Apache? Apache does not (and cannot) serve JSPs, Servlets or any other Server Side scripts without modification.
    3) If you haven't installed Tomcat, go to http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat and get it. Read the instructions and get it running.
    4) Next time, give error messages in more detail.

    If you have any more problems feel free to ask further.
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