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    Question looking for privacy

    I couldn't find any post that will direct me what i want. My friend bought a Dell puter and after a month his HDD had like 25% of bad sectors so I called DELL and they are going to send him a new HDD but my question is whats the best utility to wipe it down i now that the minimum is like wipe it 7 times .
    But what is the best utility? or why is there any freeware to do this?
    I remmeber using Disk managers for low density fromats but i really have no idea what is the HDD's manufacturer.
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    I took the liberty of doing a download.com search for some utilities that will help you out.

    DiskSweep 1.0
    HandyBits File Shredder 5.3
    Smart File Eraser 1.02

    If I were you I would go with Smart File Earser, because it follows the DOD standard of writing over the data 27 times making it exceedingly difficult for anyone other that people like the CIA or NSA to recover the data.
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    I use east-tec eraser 2002 and You can set your preferences-one option overwrites 35 times
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    we used to use this little utility, I dont know how the free version is but the purchased one was easy to use and provided a good clean disk when done.
    Purchased version wipes to DOD standard

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