Hey all,

I know there have been many threads about terrorism, wars, Iraq, etc. And I know this is in the first place a security forum. I decided to post my question in a new thread because it doesn't really fit in another one. Also it's more clear to have one separate thread again.

My question is to all Antionline members who are for an American war against Iraq. What are your motivations to justify the war ? And what prove you have for all your reasons, motivations, opinions, etc ?

I'm (you could probably judge that from my question) against that war and any other war. I don't want to sail into one big flameing jungle. Please only respond if you have something to say. The antipoint system is for the flaming part.

I'm not on any of both sites... not USA, not Iraq. I just want to have a clear view on why people think a war should be. I only heard views from a few people who are for a war, the main reasons were oil and terrorism. But judgeing from many (dutch) newspapers, most American people agree with a war, so there should be many on these forums to.

I'd like to discuss these things here. Wheter or not there is going to be a war. My purpose is not to overrule all who don't share my opinion. I just would like some kind of debate on views, everyone keeping his selfrespect etc.

Hope you people can clear those things up for me and for anyone else that's interested.