The war needs to stop.We are in they year 2003 and our government is acting like its back in the 50's, years and years of trust building and diplomacy have gone down the tubes.
With the close of the cold war we were just getting to the point where we could start to focus on problems within our borders and now we are back where we started. I can just imagine what the heads of the countries of the world are wondering. I know I would be thinking( if i were in thier shoes) whos next?........if the Americans dont like what we are doing they are gonna be at our borders next? I feel we have betrayed the trust of alot of people in the world with this fixation on war by our president ( just think...anyone in the private sector with that kind of morbid fixation would be recomended for psyciatric treatment). War isnt the answer here, I feel it will only cause more hatred towards us and light an ever burning fire under the disidents butts that will never be put out, we will have to watch over our sholders forever.Some of these people believe they are doing GODS work and are willing to die for thier cause, and they will pass down the hatred from generation to generation, what are we gonna do, annillate a whole race ?......Seems to me Hitler tried that......and we stopped him years ago.
Now dont get me a firm believer in our country and the need for our security but the problems need fixing HERE.....not in some foreign country........we need to take care of our own people first before we take on the whole worlds problems........there are enough problems here that could take years and years to fix and i think our government should let the worlds problems take a back seat to our problems right here in America for a while. OUR country could use an overhaul to heal and strengthen our people and economy, and if you notice.....i dont see any other countrys offering a hand to take care of our problems.