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Thread: USA - Iraq (part 7387c)

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    look at this

    see the Photo...
    this is war.............

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    Angry A Photo Very HArd

    I don't know anything of her, a found photo sailing in Internet, however... to her surely it didn't interest the war, for guilt of someone, that of certain it didn't know, she has not even known the gifts of the life, she has not discovered the beauty of the love, she has not met the happiness. In front of her, only so much hate that observed him, that she has seen her suffer and finally to die. If this is the justice...

    With this horrendous image I end my threads here, if among all those that have read it or they will read it they change mind on: "it has made well America it has to take revenge in that way in Afghanistan" or, and they are many, "I am sorry for the dead people, but to the American government it served a lesson", I will have won my battle.

    The photo is very provocative...
    someone could find his/her offensive content...
    Please don't ban me.....
    it is the anger that pushes me to write certain things....
    the only thing that it is known about her is that it was about 20 years old......

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    I'm writing from Sweden. I am totally 100% AGAINST war!!!
    I mean ,we can solve this problem in a peaceful way...make a good deal ,agreement. Just think about how many thousands of people are gonna die!!!!!!!
    There have already been many deaths i 1st and 2nd World War...and of many other reasons too. Let's not let it happen this time...
    What is Bush thinking anyway????
    What do you guys think about his government (rulement) system anyway??????

    Wite Hachie.

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    Anatra: I agree with you. Let that image be an example of what is going to happen to many people.
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    Quick reaction (although I should be on 'your side', Anatra): posting a picture like that is low... you won't proove anything, you'll just work on people's sentiment. And that's been done enough already.

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    hi guys!
    as you can see i am from you know where exactly is?i don't think so.well its a little country somewhere in the mediterannean sea.very close to fact we share the same borders!as you can imagine my country isn't powerful enough in order to be listened.have someone of you ever imagined how a war could be?i mean your country has never faced a war.nobody has ever tried to bomb are too far and too powerful for us to fight.we are not enemies!ok?i am just trying to say that you are not fighting for freedom.nobody there(iraq) have ever harmed you.i hope i do make myself clear!you are just fighting for money.just think of somethink would you feel if you were in iraqians shoes?or in servians?
    don't believe in PROPAGANDA.that's all folks!

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    Anatra im curious. just what did you feel needed erasing from that picture? something that didn't quit fit your needs?

    if i were iraqi how would i feel if i knew id soon be rid of saddam ...hmmm. id have to think about that but of course i couldn't say it in public until after hes gone. saddam is the only one that seems to think there's going to be a struggle. i think hes in for a big surprise. again.
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    I believe that the moment has come to make things clear.....
    Is there still someone of you that thinks that the war in Iraq is made because of hidden chemical weapons?
    What Saddam has it is not a novelty considering that he have been furnished him from the U.S.A. for the war against Iran, that was financed in turn by the well S.S.S.R. what Saddam has bonds with Bin Landen... I don't believe really...
    then my image is not provocative and doesn't want to make lever on the feelings... at least doesn't make as it Bush in his propaganda anti Saddam.....
    it is only an aspect of the war.. if you feel you stricken, disturbed, offended.... you say no to the war and not to the images that withdraw it.... not apply the censorship that all of us blame...
    Let's not take around us... the war is that image....
    and once and for all: CORRECT WARS DON'T EXIST.... the war is the violation of the right... of the right to the life...
    and above all we can not fought the terrorism that is neither a state nor an object with a war to a nation... or for killing some ants that infest you the house.... do you burn the whole house??????

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    The Really Reason for the War

    The reason why GWB and the lap dog TB are going to war against Iraq is OIL plain and simple.

    Iraq is believed to have the second largest reserve of oil. So I reckon GWB just wants the oil.

    GWB is also using proganda to make the American people and others to believe Saddam has a connection with Al-Queda terrorist this is false.

    OK lets just say Saddam is a really danger to the international communtity and his people why not just elimate him and the iraqi gov, and not goto war and risk the lives of innocent iraqi's.

    Xenia - your right to a certain extent I don't believe Saddam has nukes (nuclear weapons) like you say the American Gov wants the oil. However you are a wrong in thinking all Americans hate you and Arabs in general.

    I think GWB and Saddam are the same they are both dictators. GWB thinks he can do what he likes and he does. He will go to war even without the backing of the UN

    GWB is going have a big shock once he is starts attacking Iraq, because North Korea will use this advantage and attack America. Also because of GWB and TB, terrorist activities will increase and both the people of America and Britain will suffer.

    I think people from the western world are generally very caring i.e. America people, British people, Nearly all of the Europeans nations. However GWB does not care about anyone but Americans citizens and if innocent Iraqi's die in this war (that will happen) do you think he lose some sleep NO - HE DOESN'T CARE.

    The prime mister (I mean GWB's lapdog) of GB is a incompetent arsehole and should be removed from office. I can't believe us brits let this idiot into power he clearly cannot stand on his own feet and make his own decisions.

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    In response to this comment.
    Mass distruction weapons in the hands of a madman isn't a good thing, but who gave them the building plans and the ideas ? Who gave them weapons ? Why isn't a country not directly allied to the US allowed to have nukes (for example north Korea, I can understand in a case like Sadaam) ?
    North Korea should not have nukes, or work towards nukes, not because they are not U.S. allies, but rather, because they are a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    For a list of signatories, go to...
    45. Democratic People?s Republic of Korea
    Of course, I acknowledge that the US has violated various treaty's before, de facto, or de jure, but if you assume that because someone broke a treaty, they should not be credible when talking about enforcing another treaty is not a good idea, as there would be no treaty's on earth with any power.

    There would be no United Nations, as the United Nations was formed by treaty, there would be no, etc. etc. etc.

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