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Thread: how did you get started in computers?

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    how did you get started in computers?

    I would like to know how some of you got started and interested in learning about computers.

    Personally, for me it all started with computer games, installing them or figuring out why they couldn't run: ram, disk space, processor etc. I was about 14 years old using windows 3.1
    Then I migrated to win 95, this was the first OS I ever installed. Later I was taught a bit of visual basic in school which sparked my interest in programming. Then came the internet so i got intrigued about connections, modems, etc. Finally after many years of being interested in PC's came the time of choosing a career, that's why I am studying IT engineering and telecomunications.

    I would like to hear about your experiences.


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    Well, my interest in computers came from a friend of mine known as jin. He wanted to teach me stuff, and you have to know computers to be able to do what he was going to teach me. I started using the computer and surfing the internet, and then i asked my self how is it that i type in an address and the computer finds it and takes me there? That was how i started, i said that i will figure out how this works, and then i came to antionline, and got hooked.

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    one thing that got me started was when i was 14 (about 10 years ago) i got given an archaic computer called a kaypro (i can't remember the exact model) that ran an os called cp/m (i can't remember how the slashes go), and i used it for typing and printing off homework/assignments, playing games / learning / hacking basic (not that it would do me much good now) and writing poetry and fiction. pity i've thrown away all the data when the computer finally breathed its last breath, i didn't know that 8 years later i was going to find out that there are emulators for it!

    after that i was computer-less for just a year or so (but i kept fixing other people's computers, simple printer problems or windows 3.11 problems) i was given my own 'ibm compatible', and its another long story from there.

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    My interest was sparked when I was about 7 when one of my dad's co workers gave me and old comdore 64. Since no one in my family knew how to use it I messed with it till i figured it out. After that I was hooked
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    My grandfather worked for IBM, when I was young he would bring things home like punch cards (yep.. a LONG time ago) and magnetic tapes. That got me started. I went to Data Processing classes in vocational school when I was in High school. I have been with it ever since (25 years).
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    I think I was about 11 when I got my first computer, an old (well at the time it was brand new) Compaq that ran at a whopping 66Mhz. It had DOS and Windows 3.1 on it. I would spend hours and hours on it, just messing around, discovering different things, learning how to control and modify things. By the time I was in 8th Grade I was in the depths of a Duke Nukem 3d binge, and already modding and creating levels for it, to the extent of modifying .CON files and adding graphics, sounds, and music to the levels. It pretty much only got worse (or better depending on how you look at it) from there on out. Now I average 8 hours a day on the internet, and I'm working towards my Assocaites in Computer Science at my local community college.
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    ok, i started taking intrest in this site cause it was different then going to a chatroom, you could actually learn stuff and have your questions answeard by people who knew qwhat they were talking about, but recently its been a site for new people to try and get the most post that they can get and get AP's and all that stuff. i would really like it if everyonr could get out of this, lets see if i can get the most post and the most AP's out of evryone.I JUST WANNA LEARN. no offense but i dont care who has the best cartoon or who has the best nick, i came here to learn and to ask questions and hopefully get to help someone else....not to compete in trivial **** like this.so please stop with dumb polls like this.
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    My grandfather worked for IBM, when I was young he would bring things home like punch cards
    Too funny!! My dad is an engineer and used to work and build things for some big computer lab at Ohio State University....anyway, he used to bring home big boxes of punch cards for me to color on on back in the early seventies.

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