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Thread: Microsoft wins Java reprieve...

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    Microsoft wins Java reprieve...


    Source and full story here

    A judge has given Microsoft a reprieve from an order that required it to begin including Sun Microsystems' Java software with its Windows operating system by the end of April.

    But even though the stay buys Microsoft some time and virtually guarantees that its epic legal battle with Sun will continue, Microsoft said it has already drawn up a plan to begin integrating Java if it is unable to completely overturn the order.

    In addition to making Java's run-time environment available for download as a Windows update, Microsoft said it would distribute Java to PC makers and license holders on CD-ROM and would ship additional Windows XP service packs later in the year carrying a newer version of Java.

    Microsoft said it also intends to wrap updated Java into next-generation iterations of Windows, such as the Longhorn version now in development and slated to hit the market in 2004...
    And so the "fight" still goes on...



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    Sun"s battle with M$ has been interesting. I use openoffice for windows, check out Sun's website occasionally and have read Sun's history. Why do I get a woozy feeling when M$ appears to make promises as to what it intends to do to comply????
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    And still the fight goes on...
    Microsoft tries to block out Sun

    Software giant Microsoft has tried to stop a US court order forcing it to include Sun Microsystem's Java technology into Windows XP.
    Sun had won an injunction in its $1bn court case against Microsoft, requiring it to include the latest version of Java into Windows XP and related systems.

    In its appeal, Microsoft said that the ruling was flawed because Sun was unable to prove "immediate and irreparable harm", a standard required for preliminary injunctions.

    The Java technology enables computer programmers to run their software on all types of computers, whether they use Windows, Apple's Mac OS or another operating system.

    Sun said it could not wait until the court case was over, because by then Java could have been killed off.
    Full story here

    It just seems like a tit-for-tat battle - Microsoft does seem to be plugging it's .NET framework to death, like the article mentions, but surely it should give Java a chance. If as the article says, Java does get "killed off", it will mean a probable lack of job opportunity's for students around the world, like me, studying Java.
    What are people's views on this on going battle?
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