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Thread: Serious holes in new Opera web browser...

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    Serious holes in new Opera web browser...


    More insecurity...

    The company, GreyMagic Software of Jerusalem, known for its disclosure of security bugs in Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser, detailed what it says are five new vulnerabilities in Opera 7 for Windows, the Web browser software launched a week ago by Opera of Oslo.

    Three of the vulnerabilities allow an attacker to browse a victim's hard disk drive and read any file using a file browser complete with a folder tree and file viewer, GreyMagic said in a statement. The company said the flaws lie in the way Opera handles Javascript and image files and considers the vulnerabilities "critical."

    The two other flaws are "severe breaches of privacy" as they can disclose part of the user's browsing history to a malicious Web site operator, GreyMagic said...
    Source and full story here



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    And already fixed.
    Feb. 5, 2003: Opera 7 security update
    Opera 7.01 addresses the security vulnerabilities reported by Grey Magic Feb. 4, 2003.
    check www.opera.com

    From greymagic:
    UPDATE: Opera once again lived up to its excellent response record and released version 7.01, only 5 days after initial notification. The new version appears to fix all of the reported issues. Upgrade as soon as possible.
    Check http://www.greymagic.com/news/

    Found in a diary:
    \".... and yes, since i am a l337 hax0r, i am also using vi to write this. ^[[D^[[B^ exit ^X^C quit :x :wq dang it :w:w:w :x ^C^C^Z^D\"

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    im still on 6.04 for the reason that 7 ignores my mouse scroll.. and its HEAVY!! too many **** on it.. startin to look like IE or Netscape.

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