When I first got into network security and asked around about ways to get started I always recieved the same answear"go out get some books and read". so thats exactly what I did, I have spent more then 700 dollers in the past year on books ranging from A+ cert study guide to programming with DirectX8.1 to steal this computer book 2, more then half are security books, and its those that I refer to when I say that I read many a times that the idea of a lone hacker sitting in his parents basment taking out the internet which controls basically everything now adays is not possible and ludicris.But after reading this artical http://techfocus.org/modules/news/ar...p?storyid=2692
I think that many of you will now find the scary thought of that kid sitting in his basment planning on taking out the world as we know it very plausible, and very real is the idea that in our lifetime we may see this happen. The CAIDA has said that it would take only 15 minutes to do it. Scary stuff, when you think about it.