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Thread: What have you gotten away with?

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    What have you gotten away with?

    About 2 weeks ago I saw the movie Catch Me If You Can. Now to give you a brief synopsis of the movie It's the true story of this Man who was a successful con artist all before his 21st birthday. He pretended to be a doctor, airline co-pilot, a lawyer. He was also a masterful forger whose check fraud earned him millions, as he pretended to be all these people. It is illegal and against the law for which he paid for in society when he went to jail.

    Now my question is, What kind of situations have you been in where you got away with something? perhaps a discount at a store..free lunch..etc.. whether through social engineering, sheer luck, or just pure charm.

    You can be as specific or as general..
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    Now my question is, What kind of situations have you been in where you got away with something?
    Well....I've gotten away with posting on this board for several months, now

    Oh, and somehow I tricked Texas A&M into giving me a degree. ::evil laugh::

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    Unfortunately I'm too honest for most stuff like that, but I have a pretty funny story about a friend getting a discount. He had bought a police jacket, with only the County Patch left on it, at a thrift store somewhere. Well one day he happend to walk into a convienence store wearing the jacket. As he went through the checkout line, the cashier went under the assumption that he was an off duty cop, and gave him a 40% Discount on his purchases. The funny part is that he would have never passed for a real cop, his hair was down to his shoulders. I wish I had a picture of him in the jacket, because its obious hes too young, and wouldnt pass police grooming standards.
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    One time I went to wall-mart and asked if I could get some rolls of quarters and pennies to be exchanged to dollars and the lady there was in such a hurry that she quickly compaired the size of my rolls of coins with the ones that were in the register. She said that I didn't count them right when I had rolled up my change so she gave me back my money.

    When I walked outside the store I noticed that she gave me rolls of quarters instead my rolls of pennies and each roll of quarters is like 10$ each...

    I though that lady was kinda lazy and rude so I kept the money

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    After I turned 21, I was able to play the slots, so I went for my first and only time.

    There was a guy next to me who looked like he had been sitting there for hours. He ran out of money and left to the other side of the slots where he met up with some people. I wasn't hitting on my machine, so I decided to try his. I only had $50 with me and I had already dropped $30 into it. So, after about $15 more dollars, I was ready to give up and get a drink. I decided against it and dropped in the last $5.00 playing the max. Well, I hit it for about $2000! Talk about luck.

    The guy who gave up on the machine was still in there and about sh17 himself. He was claiming it was his money and the security quickly got him away from where we were. Needless to say, drinks were on me that night.

    Other than that... I have some stories, but I have to plead the fifth...
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    what ive gotten away with so far id really like to keep that way. somehow posting it on a public board gives me no contrition ...or security for that matter
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    Are you a cop???

    LOL, i once went into a supermarket and let the chick at the cheese&ham counter make me a giant sandwich. After she made it, i went to the shelves and opened bottles like ketchup, mayonaise, mustard, different sauces and put em on the sandwhich which really made it taste a whole let better. Believe me, it was really delicious.

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    Having done numerous stupid things in my life, (parachuting, scuba, rock climbing.......), I still walk on two good legs, have two good arms, have three remaining brain cells and will be 45 in a few days.......

    So far I have got away with almost everything.......
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    How about this one "Happily married.Two wonderfull kids.A job thats not very satisfying but anyway.., and just being healthy and alive I think is a lot to be thankfull for,"or as you put it "getting away with it"
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    Living together with my girlfriend. ( 3 months and counting )

    Finding a good job as C/C++ programmer (without any certificates what so ever, and without pulling favours..)

    Nearly killing a guy with a mouse cable ( I know, I should have used CAT5 ) and explaining to the cops what had happened ( I just freakt out.. Do you realy think you could kill a man with so fragile a cable ?? )

    and lots more
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